It's back!

Some 106 or so years ago I started this blog as a place for me to babble on about video game stuff. The focus was to be generally around alt-gaming. The definition of that being somewhat foggy, but the idea was to write about less than mainstream platforms and games. And then there were other interesting things that seemed worthwhile writing about.

Steam for Linux was still young, with very few titles available. There was Ouya. There was Humble doing among their first AAA bundles with the one trying to avert the liquidation of THQ. And speculating was fun too. One of the highlights of the blog at that time was an article predicting the arrival of Steam Machines, based on some loose bits of info scattered about.

There was also a lot to whine about, which I guess is par for the course in the medium of games. But this also led to a lot of very negative writing, which was popular and got the clicks, but it's not really the vibes I want to put out into the world all the time. There's still a lot to be upset about, but I doubt my contribution to those discussions would always add anything of value to the conversation.

For various reasons, I threw in the towel back then. One was that the time commitment for even a tiny amount of writing was way more that I could manage. The other was the above mentioned negativity. It started feeling a bit icky.

So anyhoo, it's back! But with a slight shift in focus. I am a Linux gamer only, and therefore I have decided that to be what I post about. Games, some minor newsy things, reviews, random fun stuff, speculating (because that's fun).

Content will not be purist, however. There will be plenty of Proton/DXVK/Wine/Emulators/whatever. I may also cover demoscene, game development, and whatever else I consume or make on Linux.

Also, yes, there will be "politics". It's my blog and therefore all content will be coloured with my own biases. And it's left-leaning for sure.

So, if you are anything approaching right-wing, conservative, voted for citrus fruits, or anything like that, you likely will not be happy here. Similarly, if you have at any point supported the trogg-felching hordes of Gamergate et al, this is not for you. This is also why you will never see me writing about anything Stardock does, unless it's a story about Brad Wardell somehow managing to ram his head up his own arse.

The blog is using a databaseless blogging platform. The idea was to have something that, if hacked, can be easily restored from backup with minimal effort. I also did not want to manage a user database, hence the Disqus (sorry!!).