Homewhirled: Homeworld Now In The Hands of Gearbox

April 22, 2013 in Editorial, News

After a long struggle to survive, THQ finally belly-flopped and its corpse promptly rushed to the chopping block, where its bits were auctioned off to an assortment of scavengers. Most of the big names went quickly, but until this week a number of these properties still remained unclaimed.

“What happened to Homeworld?”, was a common phrase on forums and the like. And now we know!

For a reported measly $1.35 mil, the Homeworld IP now belongs to Gearbox. I have trouble writing this without gagging a little, but am trying my best not to be too much of a dick about it. Here are my thoughts.

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The Humble THQ Bundle: What?

November 30, 2012 in News

Ok, I’m already being needlessly dramatic. A clue about this showed up a few weeks ago when someone spotted this entry in the Steamworks CDR database. There was a moment of confusion as Linux users got giddy at the prospect of seeing some more big-name titles make their way to their beloved platform, but this hope was quickly squished.

And indeed here it is. Darksiders, Saints Row 3, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon¬†and Company of Heroes with a few expandalones. Windows only, with DRM (except for the soundtracks). Charities on the roster this time are Child’s Play and the American Red Cross.

If you are a smart person with your ear to the ground, some foresight, and a few bucks to spare, you’d have used this opportunity to buy THQ stock. Its value has risen almost 38% since yesterday.

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Stock Market Slippy-Slide – Weeeeeee!

August 14, 2012 in Editorial

I should tag this story “random idiot talking out his behind” because I know very little about how the economy works. Consider this more an case of a layman calling it as he sees it. ¬†Zynga, Electronic Arts, Funcom, Activision, Take-Two Interactive, THQ. All of them giants in the industry, yet all of them showing a massive decline in stock value over the past two or more quarters. What the heck’s going on?

Maybe software companies should stay off the stock market.

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