Another Day, Another Bundle: Humble Bundle for Android 3

August 15, 2012 in News

One might argue that the indie bundle was pioneered by the folks at Humble, and starting to offer Android bundles was an equally inspired idea. This brings us to the Humble Bundle for Android 3. Games this time round feature a few previously included in non-Android bundles, so if you are not interested in playing any of these on Android, this might be the humdrum bundle for you. The games themselves taken by their own merits are generally quite decent though. Some are also debuting on Linux for the first time, which might be part of the reason Linuxers usually tend to be more generous with donations.

The line-up:

Fieldrunners: Tower defense game. No doubt included in the bundle as a way to draw your attention to Fieldrunners 2.

BIT.TRIP.BEAT: An oldie, the first in the BIT.TRIP series of rhythm-arcade games.

SpaceChem: A legendary chemistry-themed logic puzzle game.

Uplink: Hollywood hacking!

Spirits: This is the new title in the bunch, a Lemmings-like featuring forest-spirits that can be transformed to serve certain functions.

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Where’s the fish? Indie Royale Gone Fishin’ Bundle

August 12, 2012 in News

Indie Royale’s Gone Fishin’ Bundle just hit the web. As with most bundles it’s a mixed bag, but does have a few notable standouts. The roster goes thusly:

SOL: Exodus: Space combat with mission by mission play.

All Zombies Must Die: Cartoon-styled ARPG.

Cubemen: A tower-defense game featuring little cube-dudes in cube levels, because cubes are in vogue right now.

 Squids: A formerly iOS only cephalopoddy strategy game.

 Platformance: Castle Pain and Temple Death: Two get-impaled-a-lot-by-pointy-things platformers, and you get to save yet another helpless and near-naked damsel that got kidnapped, because we’ve not see that setup enough yet.

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