Ungolden Oldie: DRM From Way Back

August 8, 2012 in Editorial

DRM: For decades now as gamers we’ve had a loathe-hate relationship with it. Publishers use it to stop the theoretical revenue bleed caused by piracy and second-hand sales. But as anyone with sense can tell you, it just doesn’t work. Games ┬ástill remain as copyable as ever, and the only people inconvenienced by it are those consumers who purchase products legitimately, making one feel that perhaps pirates offer a better service, if you choose to ignore the added malware.

It’s a well-covered topic, and we all have opinions on the matter. Publishers seem to be fooling themselves and/or possibly their shareholders by constantly believing that one of these days, the DRM is going to work. Dang pirates, we’ll show them. Thing is, they’ve been under this delusion for over 30 years.

So here’s our first nostalgia-piece. It’s about the goofiest copy-protection system ever to grace our beloved medium, the Lenslok.

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