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Where’s the fish? Indie Royale Gone Fishin’ Bundle

Indie Royale’s Gone Fishin’ Bundle just hit the web. As with most bundles it’s a mixed bag, but does have a few notable standouts. The roster goes thusly:

SOL: Exodus: Space combat with mission by mission play.

All Zombies Must Die: Cartoon-styled ARPG.

Cubemen: A tower-defense game featuring little cube-dudes in cube levels, because cubes are in vogue right now.

 Squids: A formerly iOS only cephalopoddy strategy game.

 Platformance: Castle Pain and Temple Death: Two get-impaled-a-lot-by-pointy-things platformers, and you get to save yet another helpless and near-naked damsel that got kidnapped, because we’ve not see that setup enough yet.

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Tandem Trending: Kickstarter Indie Bundle

With the popularity of indie bundles and the current crowd funding boom I guess it’s only logical that one might find a mash-up of these things. With 19 days left on the clock, the Kickstarter Indie Bundle seeks funding for no fewer than 9 games; Inner Dream, Ensign-1, TRI, Silversword 2, The Host Holic, Metagolf, Christmas Magic, Y2163, Enola.

While some of the titles in the collection look rather intriguing, I have some reservations about this approach.

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