Double Joy: A Good Day For Linux Game Announcements

January 16, 2013 in News

Not only has the immensely popular Crusader Kings 2 from Paradox gone on sale on Steam /Linux, but Double Fine has announced that their adventure game disguised as a side-scrolling platformer, The Cave, will also be on sale on Steam / Linux from the 23d of January.

Crusader Kings II

I was just going through my Steam library to get an idea of its contents and how much of it stands a chance of being ported to Linux and what it would take. Almost half of my total library is made up out of games from Paradox, thanks to a ginormous publisher bundle I picked up on a Steam sale two years ago. Didn’t think we would see anything from Paradox, aside from perhaps titles like Magicka. See, I was going on the assumption that the newly announced Steam hardware would be the main motivator for big publishers looking to port games to Linux, and since Paradox’ titles tend to be interface-heavy and not very couch and controller friendly, they would perhaps not be enticed.

Seems I was wrong. Crusader Kings II plus a hunk of extra content went on sale on Steam yesterday. It’s a popular title that has been around for going on 1 year now. Conquer the world by warring, politicking, plotting and conniving. It’s a typical Paradox grand strategy title in that it offers depth and complexity, with a bit of a learning curve upfront.

Note, some people with ATI graphics cards have reported some issues. If you are one of them, be sure to bug Paradox for fixes.

This launch trailer shows one possible scenario you might encounter.


The Cave

Ron Gilbert’s first game since going to work at Double Fine with his former LucasArts colleague. It looks to be hefty doses of Gilbert humour, telling the tale of seven characters each with their own motivations, and a talking cave. The gameplay is presented as a side-scrolling platformer, but at its heart is an adventure game. It goes on sale on 23 January, published by SEGA and you can pre-order on Steam. Trying very hard here not to grump about SEGA and their recent stupid patent lawsuit as I am a big fan of Double Fine and Ron Gilbert’s work.

Double Fine seems to have grown into a very Linux friendly company, despite it being a new thing for them. It began last year with a Humble Indie bundle, and their Kickstarter, and we saw continued support for them from Linuxers during their first public Amnesia Fortnight jam which produced a bunch of Windows-only game prototypes. And now it looks like they are continuing on this path. I hope it pays off for them!


Good times. This indeed looks like it’ll be a grand year for Linux gaming.