Homewhirled: Homeworld Now In The Hands of Gearbox

April 22, 2013 in Editorial, News

After a long struggle to survive, THQ finally belly-flopped and its corpse promptly rushed to the chopping block, where its bits were auctioned off to an assortment of scavengers. Most of the big names went quickly, but until this week a number of these properties still remained unclaimed.

“What happened to Homeworld?”, was a common phrase on forums and the like. And now we know!

For a reported measly $1.35 mil, the Homeworld IP now belongs to Gearbox. I have trouble writing this without gagging a little, but am trying my best not to be too much of a dick about it. Here are my thoughts.

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Double Joy: A Good Day For Linux Game Announcements

January 16, 2013 in News

Not only has the immensely popular Crusader Kings 2 from Paradox gone on sale on Steam /Linux, but Double Fine has announced that their adventure game disguised as a side-scrolling platformer, The Cave, will also be on sale on Steam / Linux from the 23d of January.

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Steam Linux Beta: The Line-up: Highlights (part 1)

January 12, 2013 in News

The Steam beta for Linux has been running for little over two months now, and there has been a slow trickle of new titles being added to the list. Here’s a look at a few titles.

Many of the current games are ones that featured in the Humble Indie Bundle previously, so I imagine sales figures for those would not be that great, but it is nice to now be able to have these games as part of Steamplay, the buy-once-play-anywhere feature of Steam. Interestingly Amnesia: The Dark Descent seems to still be topping the best sellers chart, despite having been around for a while. Anyhoo, here are a few more:

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The Humble THQ Bundle: What?

November 30, 2012 in News

Ok, I’m already being needlessly dramatic. A clue about this showed up a few weeks ago when someone spotted this entry in the Steamworks CDR database. There was a moment of confusion as Linux users got giddy at the prospect of seeing some more big-name titles make their way to their beloved platform, but this hope was quickly squished.

And indeed here it is. Darksiders, Saints Row 3, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon and Company of Heroes with a few expandalones. Windows only, with DRM (except for the soundtracks). Charities on the roster this time are Child’s Play and the American Red Cross.

If you are a smart person with your ear to the ground, some foresight, and a few bucks to spare, you’d have used this opportunity to buy THQ stock. Its value has risen almost 38% since yesterday.

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Broken Sword Returns Through The Crowd

August 23, 2012 in News

Broken Sword, the three-parts-so-far adventure that started more than 15 years ago with an American tourist named George Stobbart chasing a clown trough a sewer, is returning for another instalment. Charles Cecil, creator of the original has turned to Kickstarter to seek $400,000 funding. The series has always been popular, as is evident by the fact that one day in it’s already 25% funded.

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Planetary Annihilation To Have Linux Support

August 19, 2012 in News

That was a fun headline to write. Sounds like a sinister plot.

Uber Entertainment have added the promise of Linux support to their Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation, and not as a stretch goal. The funding is now at $453,000 of their $900,000 goal with 26 days to go. Platforms now confirmed are Windows, OSX and Linux. The rate of funding seems to have flattened out a bit over the past few days, so it will be interesting to see if this announcement affects it in the coming days.

What’s also interesting is that people are requesting OUYA support. My concern with this is that once you add a device into the mix with a controller-based control scheme, there is the risk that the game design itself will be affected.

More Trine 2? Yes please! Goblin Menace Expansion

August 18, 2012 in News

An expansion for what is quite possibly the sweetest eye-candy of a game ever has been announced at Gamescom. The three heroes from Trine/Trine2 will soon be facing the Goblin Menace by way of hacking, slashing, sneaking, box-conjuring and physics-puzzling. The expansion adds six new levels as well as new skills. From the trailer it would appear there are also plenty of giant monsters and new types of puzzle to solve. Frozenbyte peg the release date at “Fall 2012″.

Trailer and screenshots follow:

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Shadowrun Returns: First Concept Pic

August 18, 2012 in News

Harebrained Schemes just shot a blog post out into the world in which it revealed the first concept shot for the upcoming Shadowrun Returns, which was successfully Kickstarter funded a few months ago. They write, “While this is concept art – not a screenshot – it’s representative of the fidelity and art style we’re shooting for. For the uninitiated (or those seeking a quick refresher!) the concept above depicts the infamous Redmond Barrens* of the mid 2050s.”

Exciting stuff!

Another Day, Another Bundle: Humble Bundle for Android 3

August 15, 2012 in News

One might argue that the indie bundle was pioneered by the folks at Humble, and starting to offer Android bundles was an equally inspired idea. This brings us to the Humble Bundle for Android 3. Games this time round feature a few previously included in non-Android bundles, so if you are not interested in playing any of these on Android, this might be the humdrum bundle for you. The games themselves taken by their own merits are generally quite decent though. Some are also debuting on Linux for the first time, which might be part of the reason Linuxers usually tend to be more generous with donations.

The line-up:

Fieldrunners: Tower defense game. No doubt included in the bundle as a way to draw your attention to Fieldrunners 2.

BIT.TRIP.BEAT: An oldie, the first in the BIT.TRIP series of rhythm-arcade games.

SpaceChem: A legendary chemistry-themed logic puzzle game.

Uplink: Hollywood hacking!

Spirits: This is the new title in the bunch, a Lemmings-like featuring forest-spirits that can be transformed to serve certain functions.

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Where’s the fish? Indie Royale Gone Fishin’ Bundle

August 12, 2012 in News

Indie Royale’s Gone Fishin’ Bundle just hit the web. As with most bundles it’s a mixed bag, but does have a few notable standouts. The roster goes thusly:

SOL: Exodus: Space combat with mission by mission play.

All Zombies Must Die: Cartoon-styled ARPG.

Cubemen: A tower-defense game featuring little cube-dudes in cube levels, because cubes are in vogue right now.

 Squids: A formerly iOS only cephalopoddy strategy game.

 Platformance: Castle Pain and Temple Death: Two get-impaled-a-lot-by-pointy-things platformers, and you get to save yet another helpless and near-naked damsel that got kidnapped, because we’ve not see that setup enough yet.

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