Broken Sword Returns Through The Crowd

August 23, 2012 in News

Broken Sword, the three-parts-so-far adventure that started more than 15 years ago with an American tourist named George Stobbart chasing a clown trough a sewer, is returning for another instalment. Charles Cecil, creator of the original has turned to Kickstarter to seek $400,000 funding. The series has always been popular, as is evident by the fact that one day in it’s already 25% funded.

Aside from Cecil, Rolf Saxon will also be returning to voice the main character. Not sure who will be voicing Nico Collard, or which of the recurring characters will be making return appearances – but from what they have shown so far, it looks promising. They plan to finish development by April 2013, and will initially be releasing for Windows, Mac, Linux.

So how about  another Beneath A Steel Sky, nudge nudge, wink wink.

Over to you, Mr Cecil.